Shift, Strategize and Succeed: Building Momentum in Today's Turbulent Market

12:00 - 3:00 pm October 11, 2023

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12:00 - 3:00 pm

October 11, 2023

Expert Panel

Learn from Real Estate Thought Leaders


Casey Smith

Licensed Realtor, Investor & Owner of Atlas Transaction Coordinator Services. Closed 2300+ deals nationwide. Expertise in creative deal types, REI systems, processes & team building. Passionate about helping Real Estate Pros find freedom through their business! 


Susan Heller

Award-winning real estate broker | Proven success & top-notch customer satisfaction | Dynamic speaker empowering others to achieve their real estate goals.


Kinan Beck

A real estate guru with 25+ years of experience, a Master Certified Negotiation Expert, and a passionate community organizer. Prepare to be inspired as he shares his expertise and insights as a captivating speaker.


Cathleen Barela

Highly experienced real estate expert with a proven track record. From luxury properties to military relocations, She bring expertise, energy, and results to every transaction.


Carlos German

Visionary leader, innovative broker, and bestselling author. Revolutionizing real estate with a $100M+ sales team, empowering agents to unlock their biggest dreams!


Tristan Ahumada

Real estate rockstar, influential speaker, and industry disruptor. With a mission to elevate the game for agents worldwide, Tristan empowers through cutting-edge technology, top-notch systems, and free invaluable resources.


Nancy Messiha

The dynamic real estate broker and interior decorator, brings her passion for design and love for helping people to the forefront. With 15 years of industry experience, she offers unique insights to achieve maximum home values and leads clients to successful journeys in the ever-changing real estate world.

What to Expect


Innovative Lead Generation Strategies

Innovative Lead Generation Strategies: Dive into modern approaches, from video marketing on YouTube to leveraging social media platforms.


Expert Insights on Business Evolution

Understand how to work both IN and ON your business, harnessing change for growth.


Personal Mastery in Real Estate

Engage with specialists on self-development, ensuring you're not just succeeding in the market but also evolving as an individual.


Industry Thought Leadership

Join panel discussions with real estate pioneers, delving into current trends, challenges, and future prediction

12:00 - 3:00 pm October 11, 2023

Why This Is the Must-Attend Real Estate Summit of the Year:

Navigating Today's Turbulent Market

Redefine Your Real

Estate Strategies

Dive into sessions that will empower you with tools to work both IN and ON your business. Whether it's lead generation or evolving your operational strategies, master the techniques to stay relevant and effective.

Harness Digital


Learn how to generate leads using platforms like YouTube and social media. Discover the art of digital communication and engagement, turning every online interaction into potential business opportunities.

Empower Personal


Real estate isn't just about selling properties; it's about evolving as an individual. Engage with personal development experts, ensuring that as the market grows, so do you.

Redefine Your Real

Estate Strategies

Step into thought-provoking panel discussions. Absorb insights, strategies, and visionary predictions from pioneers who've not only witnessed but also shaped the trajectory of the real estate industry.

Beyond the News: True

Market Perspectives

Delve into a grounded understanding of the current market, free from media bias. Extract actionable insights based on real experiences and data-driven discussions, ensuring you're always one step ahead.

Networking and

Collaborative Growth

The summit isn't just about learning; it's about growing together, sharing challenges, solutions, and fostering a collaborative spirit in the ever-evolving real estate community.

Agenda At a Glance

12:00 - 3:00 pm

October 11, 2023


Don Hobbs

Founder & CEO, Expert Partners

Meet the driving force behind our summit: Don Hobbs. With a legacy that includes helming Success Magazine and creating a $25M real estate empire, Don is a stalwart in the industry. Having rubbed shoulders with global business juggernauts, his insights are invaluable.

This isn’t just any summit. With Don at the helm, expect a journey of unparalleled insights and real estate wisdom.


Jay Berube

Founder, FunnelsandFire

Introducing another luminary guiding our summit: Jay Berube. An entrepreneurial force, Jay's expertise spans Real Estate, Property Management, Digital Marketing, and Sales Coaching. With a track record of selling over 1,400 homes, managing 3,000+ properties, and mentoring countless industry professionals, his prowess is undeniable.

Jay champions the "Trusted Advisor" approach ensuring sales and marketing tactics that are both effective and refreshingly rejection-free. With Jay steering, anticipate a summit bursting with fresh strategies and transformative insights.

The Future of Real Estate is Changing , Be a Part of It

Embrace the chance to navigate the evolving real estate landscape.

Explore invaluable insights into effectively managing both the strategic aspects (working ON) and operational aspects (working IN) of your business in a changing market.

Learn about the mindset shift you need in a thoughtfully curated personal development session.

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